Services Offered

Idea Prototyping

Have an idea for a web app that will revolutionize the world? Or maybe just an industry? With my background in business and technology, I can help you create a plan and build an application prototype to test your assumptions with customers, partners and investors.

Information Architecture

No matter what platform you are developing for, space and user attention are limited. Good IA is the prioritization and logical structuring of data that is the basis for creating an interface that meets users needs. If done right, even a complex website doesn't need to be complicated to use.

User Interface Design

Design's purpose is twofold: on one hand it covers the aesthetics and the visual appeal of a web application. On the other, it concerns itself with utility - the functional aspects of an interface. Beautiful, intuitive design helps shape a user's experience.

Full Stack Development

I enjoy building full featured rich internet applications from the ground up. On the front-end I work with HTML/CSS and JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Backbone. Server-side, my preference is with Ruby on Rails.